The simplest Hybrid IIoT Platform ever built

With IIoT,  you can leverage data from your industrial assets to improve productivity and efficiency. We are advocates of Hybrid IIoT and believes in the philosophy - 'On-premise first, Cloud next' and encourage our customers to build on IIoT Architectures that suits them the best. This approach eases adoption and helps them to increase profitability and allows them to explore new business models.

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Water/Wastewater Water/Wastewater
Process Industry Process Industry
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy
Food/Beverages Food/Beverages
Environment Environment
Smart City Smart City

The IIoT People.

While looking to implement a solution in the industry, a key pre-requisite for IIoT Solution Providers is the knowledge in the specific vertical – Manufacturing, Utilities or Process Industries. Our products enable Automation System Integrators to become IIoT Solution Providers, thus democratizing the adoption of IIoT technologies across geographies and verticals, creating a community of IIoT People.


IT-OT Convergence

Data connectivity from the field to the different IT systems require an architecture that is simple, yet robust. Our products support traditional industrial communications protocols, and data exchange frameworks such as OPC-UA &  ODBC along with modern IT/IoT protocols like MQTT and HTTPS to transport data seamlessly.


The world is seeing a shift to Industry 4.0, as more companies rush to adopt these technologies improving their businesses. At SPIA, we believe that Industrial Automation System Integrators should play a significant role to democratize the widespread adoption of Industry 4.0 by end customers across verticals and geographies. Our products enable them to transform into IIoT Solution Providers.

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