Modular Plugin Architecture

The i4 EdgeEnterprise and the Hybrid IIoT Platform are built with applications for Data communication and exchange, Data visualisation, Generation of reports and notifications, Implementation of ML and AI.

Modularity is key for the development of the i4 EdgeEnterprise in both licensing and scope for future development. This is obtained by flexible payment plans and provisions to add features as components in the future.

i4 Suite Architecture

Collect Screenshot


collect-x is a shared namespace application that collects and exchanges data. collect-x supports industrial protocols and data exchange frameworks and also has a time-series database to store data.


Flexible Licensing Options

Licensed based on number of tags and features like communication protocols, APIs & Cloud connectivity

Base Application with built-in Modbus Protocol

The base applications comes with native modbus protocols. Additional protocols, data exchange frameworks and APIs shall be licensed separately.

Cloud Integration

Hassle-free integration with third-party cloud services.

Inbuilt Historian

Stores historical data in an optimised time-series database.

active-t Run Time (RT)

active-t RT is the runtime version of the active-t analytics platform. It uses a Server-Client architecture and uses WPF to visualise analytics, reports and alarms/notifications* on Windows PCs. The active-t RT supports various types of client applications for different use cases - desktop, web and mobile clients. It allows the user to access analytics at the right time.



Time Machine

The interactive dashboard lets you travel back in time to replay and reproduce the state of your machine, asset or plant; from a particular instance in the past.

Automatic Report Generation

active-t RT can automatically generates a selected report at a certain time or based on an alarm condition from a pre-configured report template.

Dashboard Slideshow

active-t RT can project different screens of a specific dashboard as a slideshow.

PDF Export Option

active-t RT supports the generation of reports as a PDF. This makes the report non-editable, to avoid fraudulent edits and to meet compliance standards.

Multi-user* / Multi client

active-t RT allows users to access the system using multiple clients. This means that multiple people in an organisation can have access to active-t RT.

Report Dispatch on Email

active-t RT can generate and email you shift reports and daily, weekly or monthly reports.


active-t RT can trigger a simple control action from the dashboard.