Flexible Licensing Model

i4 Suite is priced using the concept of Flexible Licensing. This makes it viable for small to medium-sized industries, by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our unique licensing options, combined with the lower price than the competition, allows customers to start up small and scale up as they go deeper into the world of IIoT.

Tag based Licensing

i4 Suite is built for applications that have as low as 50 tags, to a maximum of 20,000 tags per location

Modular Protocol Integration

i4 Suite offers a variety of industrial protocols and data exchange frameworks to choose from. These frameworks integrate both legacy and modern systems.

Perpetual Licensing

A one-time licensing option is available for customers seeking to invest their money upfront rather than having to pay for a subscription. 'Get it and forget it' option

365 Days Licensing

This flexible payment plan lowers your CapEx spending. This allows you to pay as you go, every 365 days and ensures that you have the latest version of i4 Suite at all times.

i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise

Product Family Perpetual 365 Days
Collect -x Basic Tag based Tag based
Collect -x Add Ons Per Protocol and API Per Protocol and API
Active-t RT Server + 1 RT Client Tag based Tag based
Active-t RT Client Per Clients Per 5 Clients Pack

i4 MiniEdge

Product Family Perpetual 365 Days
Collect-x Basic 1,000 Tags


Per Protocol and API

Collect-x Add Ons ×
Active-t Mini RT Server + 1 RT Client ×