i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise

The i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise is a suite of applications designed for industries that take a holistic approach to the different stakeholders in an industry - Control Room Operators, Field Engineers, Middle Managers and Higher Level Management.

This suite follows an Extended Hybrid IIoT architecture which can harness the power of Edge and can achieve complete functionality on-premise. The extended Cloud computing can increase manageability, flexibility and reliability. The architecture allows thin client and virtualization features.

i4 Suite The IIoT People


Hybrid IIoT Platform

Smart implementation of IIoT through the utilization of Edge and Cloud computing. Customers start by experiencing the value over the on-premise implementation and opt for extended cloud services on demand.

Scalable Edge Deployment

i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise is scalable to multiple devices and equipment. It can handle 20,000 tags and supports multiple clients (Thick Client, Web Client, Mobile Client) applications and users, all at the edge.

Unlocking Possibilities with Cloud Integration

i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise can be integrated to third-party IT applications like ERPs, CMMS (Maintenance Management Systems), MES and BI tools hosted on premise or cloud.

Shared Namespace Concept

The concept of Shared Namespace brings all IIoT data and the metadata associated with it to one data pool. This paves the way for ML and AI. i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise also supports integration with our Cloud Namespace.

Enable Business Intelligence

i4 EdgeEnterprise provides in-built operational BI capabilities and allows integration with corporate BI systems, making you a part of the business revolution.

Hybrid IIoT

We at SPIA, follow Hybrid Architecture, where we allow our customers to mix cloud and edge components to create an optimised IIoT System Architecture.


i4 MiniEdge

i4 MiniEdge brings the power of IIoT all the way to the plant or asset operator, thus serving as a foundation of a good IIoT Platform. Using a lite version of i4 Suite EdgeEnterprise, i4 MiniEdge can leverages real-time and historical data to the plant’s operators. The upward connectivity integration to cloud can reports all relevant parameters to the upper level, thus being a fit to those of your distributed assets that need some analytics at the edge and an optional integration to a central station or cloud.


Support upto 1,000 Tags

i4 MiniEdge can handle up to 1,000 tags over serial and ethernet communication links, from multiple devices.

Complete IIoT in a Box

i4 MiniEdge gives a complete solution for analytics at the edge. It comes pre-installed with the run-time software you need to build analytics from industrial data.

Advanced Local Visualization

All it takes is a display/monitor & USB input device of your choice to unlock the Dashboard and Reports built using the Workbench

Cloud Integration*

i4 MiniEdge can knock integrations to cloud-based enterprise applications over standard protocols such as MQTT.

Proven Hardware

i4 MiniEdge is a product of SPIA’s collaboration with the leading manufacturers of industrial PCs in the world. Components from manufacturers with a proven track record mean that you can rest knowing that no compromises were made on the hardware.

Industrial Design

i4 MiniEdge hardware is certified to withstand the harsh conditions commonly associated with an industrial setting.