i4 Suite active-t Workbench

i4 Suite active-t Workbench is a tool, built keeping Automation System Integrators in mind. They can use the Workbench to build analytical dashboards and reports without being experts in programming and IT. This enable their transformation into IIoT Solution Providers, without the hassle of learning how to code.

active-t Workbench is a tool build for IIoT Solution Providers. They use the Workbench to build analytical dashboards and reports without having to learn much of programming and IT. Thus Workbench enables Industrial System Integrators to transform as IIoT Solution Providers benefitting themselves and the end-users.


Powerful Multi-Screen Dashboards

IIoT developers can design and build multi-screen dashboards compatible with multiple devices with different screen sizes.

Higly Customizable Reporting

The Report Designer in the Workbench allows you to build highly customized multi-page reports using a variety of drag and drop controls.

Alarms & Notification *

Users can use the Alarms and Notifications Manager to define rules to generate alarms and notifications - from visual and audible alarms to SMS and email notifications.

Comprehensive Controls Library

Workbench offers a variety of controls in the library such as a gauge controls to visualise a single data to pie-charts that can interpret statistical data

Virtual Tags

Virtual Tags are derived tags which are defined using mathematical expressions to be visualized on dashboards and reports

Built-in Statsitical Functions

The Statistical Functions tool allows users to apply statistical operations on data sets and to bind them to the required controls, without the need for programming.

Python Scripting

Workbench uses a python scripting engine that gives advanced users control over the visualization of the dashboards and the reports.

Preview Mode

During the development of the project on the Workbench, users can use preview mode to see how dashboards and reports look like after deployment without having to buy a runtime license.