Certified Solution Provider (CSP) Program

At SPIA, we believe that Industrial Automation System Integrators make the best IIoT Solution Providers, because of their technical experience and their familiarity with the end-user business. For this reason, we empower these Integrators to make the transition to IIoT Solution Providers.

Explore new opportunities

Gain a competitive edge over the rest as you acquire new customers and provide existing customers with new solutions.

Free Training and Support

As a CSP Provider, you’ll have access to free training on IIoT and support on SPIA products.

No Sales Target

SPIA does not believe in forcing our products on the end-users Hence we do not provide sales targets when you decide to commit to us.

Digital Marketing

For every project you decide to work with us, we’ll help you spread the word on social media, at free of cost.

'Find a CSP' Listing

Your company will appear as an authorised CSP on our website, where end-users will be directed to you, based on your domain expertise and location.

Make more money

Being a CSP, you’ll have access to additional discounts other Sis won’t have, thus increasing your profits.