SPIA Certified IIoT Engineer (SCEng)

SPIA believes that sharing and spreading knowledge is a virtue. Our R&D and Customer Support teams come from professionals in the Industrial Automation, Information Technology and Business Intelligence backgrounds, who have years of experience in developing products, rendering services and integrating systems. We have designed our training systems to pass down this knowledge to our customers. We do not only certify Solution Providers as companies, but we also certify the engineers who attend and qualify the test as a SPIA Certified IIoT Engineer (SCEng).

Free Admission to a curated IIoT Training Program

When you bring your organisation (Automation System Integrator) to become a CSP, you get a free curated training program which covers all the various aspects of IIoT.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Badge

When you complete the training, you receive a Certified IIoT Professional badge, which will set you apart from all the herd of Automation Engineers, as an IIoT Engineer.

Lifetime Access to Partner Eco System

When you are a SCEng, you will join our dedicated group of SCEng professionals from across the world online, to discuss solutions and case studies on IIoT.

Networking opportunity and Meetups

Get invited to technical networking events of SPIA and its strategic partners, which provide exposure and opportunities to network with other professionals in the world of IIoT in your area.